The Open Arms.

Several years ago, I lost fellowship with God. The disconnection was triggered by my frustration over a certain desire on which I have petitioned the Lord, yet, He seemed not to be interested in supplying the answer. Daily prayer and the study of Scripture became a burden. It was then I realized that indeed, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick..” Prov.13:12. Now, I realise my folly. If I have had that desire met, it’s most likely I won’t be in the ministry today! And you know what? I have the fulfillment of that same request in my life already! Please know that God is not the enemy, your desire and sense of timing is!

God loves you and wants you to succeed much more than you could ever hope to! He is your Father. He is your lover. And there is nothing you will ever need that He won’t supply! “. yet for an appointed time…though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come…” Hab.2:3

Stop allowing ‘seemingly unanswered’ request(s) to rob you of a daily communion with the Father. You are breaking His heart! And when I was done being mad at Him, I said I was sorry. He forgave me and welcomed me with open arms

! It was then I realized that like the prodigal’s father, He was already awaiting my return!

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