Bekes Bukola

Oh! How we love it when our spot light comes out to play

Gospel music world would not have been the same without the wonderful singer Olubukunola Bekes, who goes by the stage name Bukola Bekes. From an early age, her dedication to singing and worshiping God through her songs could not be hidden.

From her young age, she was dedicated to singing and sacrificed all her time to it. She became a choir leader in her teenage years.She led the choir of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and composed the majority of the songs for the choir, especially themes for the religious services, different conventions, and services.

Her performances captivate people in the audience, who are absolutely fascinated with her wonderful voice and lyrics. Currently, she is still a member of the choir that she sang in since she was a youngster – the Redeemed Christian Church of God Mass Choir. She leads the choir during the monthly Holy Ghost services. She has also ministered at the Festival of Life, which is one of the biggest programmes held in London’s Excel Centre.

Bukola Bekes is definitely an interesting personality, and if you are interested in gospel music, you will be happy to find out more from her biography and learn her opinions on faith, music, and family.

@bekesbukola may your whole life be a proof that God is Good!!

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