One Woman Kind of Man.

A man can be a serial adulterer and still be a successful surgeon, footballer or musician. A man may have had sex with every woman in his office and still be a whiz at stockbroking or investment banking. But not so for a Christian professional. This is because he realises that he is Jesus’ representative in the marketplace. His marriage may not be perfect. And he is in no way immune to workplace sexual temptation. He too struggles against the minis, see-throughs, body and curve-enhancing fashion trends that have come to be associated with modern workplace power dressing. But He is always requesting for grace not to stray. He has one or two women giving him the ‘come-on’ look. After all, he isn’t that bad looking. He also has a healthy bank balance and can afford the utmost privacy and discretion. But he knows so many things are hanging on his sexual faithfulness; his wife, children and those who are been sustained by his Christian testimony. And most important of all, he does not want to disappoint His Lord. He wants to be able to tell his children at his 15th, 20th or 25th wedding anniversary that their mother is the only woman he has ever slept with. And what a testimony that will be!

What will yours be?

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