Rest-True Satisfaction

To rest literally, this means to take a break from work or activity. It can also be considered as a moment of abstinence from feeling pressure. Perceptions about the word varies but it is beyond what we imagine.

I think that ‘Rest’ is fulfillment, accomplishment and victory. It is that peace birthed by true satisfaction. We often tie rest to material well-being and physical luxury but this is a mediocre way of looking at it.

One may have all the money, acquire all the properties but this source of greatness is not from God, how can it then be rest?

This means that to be at rest is to enjoy a sense of fulfillment that only God gives. When the Bible noted that the blessings of God makes rich and adds no sorrow to it, it sheds a clearer light on rest truly means. The substance of your peace is solely tied to your total dependence on God. When you trust in the Lord with all your heart, rest becomes your reward. Your height as an individual can only be at rest if indeed, God is your ladder.

Here’s the question to consider: Are you satisfied with your current state, achievements and even bank balance? Are you satisfied in spite of the limitations, challenges and even debt? This is a simple way to check if you are at rest. When you shift your focus from these false standards for happiness, you are able to focus solely on God.

Making God your source doesn’t only give you rest, He makes you the best.

Make this month a God-centered one and be guaranteed of peace of mind, always.

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