Focus on Christ

Building Faith through Focus on Christ.⠀

The gospel of the kingdom of God is one that is centered around faith. Whatever we are today in Christ and even what we desire to be all centers around our faith works in Christ. For it is by grace that we are saved through faith. This generally explains how deep faith is in our dealings with God.⠀
When we focus on Christ, we supernaturally generate power, strength and unusual capacity to function beyond our limits. Our faith is made stronger and stronger and consequently we break grounds. ⠀

Hard work or material affluence does not build faith. What we see as faith in wealth acquisition is actually high self-esteem or better still, to some very arrogant persons, pride. Riches has made so many proud and so they now think there is nothing they don’t have the capacity to undertake. This is not faith!!!⠀
Faith comes from complete dependence on God. Even when you have all you need to be comfortable; you don’t tie it to your ability to or self-strength. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. ⠀

Feelings come and go, and if we look only at whether or not we feel God is with us, our faith will never be strong. But when we focus on Jesus, our faith will grow. The more you focus on Christ and His love for you, the stronger your faith will become.⠀

Refuse to focus on what you are not, what you cannot do, and what you do not know. In Christ lies every ability we can think of or imagine. Channeling our focus on Him gives us the ability to do all things and none exempted. Remember we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. This connotes the fact that our greatest capacity for exploits lies in Christ; hence the need to focus on Him.⠀
Our faith comes from an un-distracted gaze and focus on Christ for as we look to Him daily; our confidence is renewed.⠀

Scriptural References⠀
Romans 10:17⠀

Do you feel it is by your strength that you are who you are today?⠀
How do you regard the presence of Christ in your life?⠀

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