Sacrificial giving

Sacrificial giving is spiritual and in fact, a most relational issue with God. In order to truly and completely yield to God, we must evaluate carefully what we consider as the most glaring part of our commitment and submission – our giving life style. By ave His greatest treasure to mankind and never placed any form of selfish demand in return or condition over His gift to mankind. What we give speaks volume of what we mean and in extension portrays where our heart is.⠀

Yes, giving is one of the ways to honor God but a sacrificial one proves more of absolute submission. When we give to God valuably, it shows our heart and all what we are is focused on Him, and so all that makes life beautiful is drawn out of Him. When we give, do we murmur? Or do we just do it as a fulfillment of righteousness?

That is not sacrificial giving. We must happily give and it must be an act of great value without compulsion before it can actually be considered as a prove of our loyalty to God. Loyal in this context portrays focus. ⠀
When we begin to negotiate what to give to God, we simply tell Him that He’s an option in our life and this can never generate an undistracted focus on Him.⠀

To keep our focus on God we must give him our all, not just our material possessions or resources but also our time and commitment. We should not give because it is convenient, NO! If it does not cost us a thing, then it is not worth the price of value. ⠀

God still has His focus on mankind because of the value of the gift He gave to humanity. As believers, we must also be followers of this same demonstration of great affection by giving sacrificially to Him who even gave us much more. This is where the real focus on Christ and the kingdom begins…SACRIFICIAL GIVING⠀

Scriptural References⠀
2 Samuel 24:21⠀

In what ways have i made God feel am doing Him a favor by giving to Him?⠀
How many times I have nullified my giving with complain?⠀

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