Waiting on God

When I was seeking admission into the university of my choice, a lecturer in the school was asked to help. In the interim, I was asked to resume school with other regular students and started attending lectures. Few weeks into the semester, I discovered that the admission didn’t work out! Depressed, I packed my bags and came home.

The first thing I saw was my younger brother’s admission letter into a federal university! My depression deepened! Perhaps, • Your younger sisters are already mothers, but you are not even engaged to any man

• Your peers are already running their own profitable organisations or are in top management of multinationals while you seem stuck in a ‘dead-end’ job

• Married for nine years, yet no sign of a baby. Waiting on God for the birth of a desire can be the hardest thing ever for any Christian! But I have learnt that it is in this waiting period that trust is moulded and true faith is revealed.

Job waited out his trying times! “…all the days of my time of toil would I wait, till my change should come” Job 14:14, DBT.

Now I say to you too, “Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, and He shall strenghten your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD! Ps.27:14

With God, the tide always turns! And it will in your favour!

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