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Theme: Moving With Wrong Crowd

Passage: 1Samuel 29: 1 – 11

David Is Rejected by the Philistines

29 The Philistines brought all their troops together at Aphek, while the Israelites camped at the spring in Jezreel Valley. 2 The five Philistine kings marched out with their units of a hundred and of a thousand men; David and his men marched in the rear with King Achish. 3 The Philistine commanders saw them and asked, “What are these Hebrews doing here?”

Achish answered, “This is David, an official of King Saul of Israel. He has been with me for quite some time now. He has done nothing I can find fault with since the day he came over to me.”

4 But the Philistine commanders were angry with Achish and said to him, “Send that fellow back to the town you gave him. Don’t let him go into battle with us; he might turn against us during the fighting. What better way is there for him to win back his master’s favor than by the death of our men? 5 After all, this is David, the one about whom the women sang, as they danced, ‘Saul has killed thousands, but David has killed tens of thousands.’”

6 Achish called David and said to him, “I swear by the living God of Israel that you have been loyal to me; and I would be pleased to have you go with me and fight in this battle. I have not found any fault in you from the day you came over to me. But the other kings don’t approve of you. 7 So go back home in peace, and don’t do anything that would displease them.”

8 David answered, “What have I done wrong, sir? If, as you say, you haven’t found any fault in me since the day I started serving you, why shouldn’t I go with you, my master and king, and fight your enemies?”

9 “I agree,” Achish replied. “I consider you as loyal as an angel of God. But the other kings have said that you can’t go with us into battle. 10 So then, David, tomorrow morning all of you who left Saul and came over to me will have to get up early and leave as soon as it’s light.”

11 So David and his men started out early the following morning to go back to Philistia, and the Philistines went on to Jezreel.

Sometimes we get ourselves into awkward and unpleasant situations that cause all kinds of problems and difficulties. And sometimes the problems and difficulties become critical, appearing to have no answer or solution and there seems to be no way out.

In today’s text, David faced a hopeless, seemingly intractable situation. The Philistines had invaded Israel with a massive army. And David’s forces were enlisted to fight for the Philistines by the side of King Achish. Because of his evil association with the Philistines, David was caught in the middle of a most difficult situation, that of having to fight against his own people, the Israelites, the very people over whom God had chosen him to serve as king. Note that he and his men were marching at the rear of the Philistine army, serving as the personal bodyguard of King Achish (1Sam.29:2).

Here we find David at the lowest ebb. Ultimately he went to fight against God with the enemies of God. He had sunk so low, and his progress downward, that now he then called God’s people his enemies, or, “The enemies of my king, and I’m ready to go and fight against the enemies of my Lord the king,” and announced that Achish was his lord, his king. He was ready to fight against the enemies of Achish, the Israelites! Thank God that the Philistines reasoned that David might change loyalty and join his Hebrew brothers to fight them. So, they sent David and his men away.

Evil associations will always create problems for us. If we become friends with the immoral, lawless, and unjust people of this world, they will badly influence us. And before we know it, we will be participating in their worldly behaviour. It is impossible to walk in the footsteps of the wicked and live a righteous life (1Cor.15:33; James 4:4; Rom.12:2). Let us, therefore, be careful about alliances that we make.

MEMORY VERSE: 1Samuel 29:3 “The commanders of the Philistines said, “What are these Hebrews doing here?” And Achish said to the commanders of the Philistines, “Is not this David, the servant of Saul, King of Israel, who has been with me now for days and years, and since he deserted to me I have found no fault in him to this day.”

HYMN: MHB 746 – I AM THINE, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice

PRAYER: Dear Lord, help me not to get myself involved in any association or relationship that could jeopardize Your plan and purpose for my life in Jesus’ name. Amen.

READ: Day -John 11:1-27: Night -Jer. 1-2

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