Friday 13th December 2019

Theme: The Signs

Passage: Matthew 24:1-12

When travelling on the road, there are road signs which help the driver to know what to do at each point. Failure to adhere to these signs may attract road accidents or sanction from the police. Similarly, we have various seasons in a year and each season is indicated or evidenced by signs to show that such a season is about to come or has come. In the same way, the passage for today talks about the signs that will usher in the coming of Jesus Christ. It is sad that many Christians are being tossed about and are unable to understand the times.

Matthew 24:1-12, the anchor passage, reveals the following signs of the end time:
• Many will come in the name of Christ but will end up deceiving people.
• Wars and rumours of war will be rife.
• Nations and kingdoms will rise against each other;
• There will be famines;
• There will be earthquakes;
• There will be persecution and killing of Christians;
• Many will turn away from the faith and will betray each other;
• There will be many false prophets;
• There will be an increase in wickedness;
• The love of people for God will grow cold.

Are all these signs not happening today? The answer is “yes, of course.” Since the answer is “yes” do we know that these signs will usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ? Are we prepared for it?

As you meditate on this passage this morning, check your life and see if any lifestyle will deprive you of making heaven when Jesus comes. No matter the sin, Jesus can still forgive you and accept you back today. Tomorrow may be too late Jesus is coming very soon and these signs are meant to prepare us for that glorious day for the true believers.

MEMORY VERSE: Mark 13:4 “Tell us, when will these things happen? And what will be the signs that they are about to be fulfilled?

HYMN: MHB 258 -THOU art coming O my saviour

PRAYER: O Lord, let me be well prepared for Your second coming in order not to be caught, unawares. Amen

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