THEME: The End of the Wicked
PASSAGE: Esther 7:1-17
HYMN: MHB- 547 THE thing my God doth hate
MEMORY VERSE: Esther 7:10 “So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the king’s wrath was pacified”.
Have you heard of captions like dangerous prayers in church prayer meetings or titles of books meant to encourage Christians to avenge themselves by asking God to pour down fire and brimstones on such perceived enemies? As Christians we will be hated just like Haman hated the Jews, not because of any wrongdoing, but because we are Christians (2Tim. 3:12).
Queen Esther presents us with a model of how to approach God when we are faced with difficulties and hatred because of our faith. The greatest favour we can receive from God as Christians against the plots of the wicked is for God to avenge for us. The King became angry because he realized that Haman had treacherously led him into a scheme that would have caused the death of his beloved queen. When Haman learned that Esther was a Jewess, he immediately realized that he was in serious trouble.
It was customary that no one would be left in a room alone with the queen. But knowing that his death was imminent, Haman fell before the queen’s couch in order to plead through her for mercy from the king. But when the king saw the posture of Haman in reference to the queen he thought Haman was making an immoral attack against the queen. He covered Haman’s face which was the sign of an official arrest and sentence of death. They hanged Haman.
The irony in the story was that all the evil that Haman had planned for Mordecai and the Jews came back on him. He reaped what he had sown. In essence, what you reap is always more than what you sow.
PRAYER: O God of possibilities, put a new heart in the wicked and make them better vessels for use in Thy vineyard, thus bringing them into the Thy Kingdom through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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