THEME: Bear One Another
PASSAGE: Romans 15:1-6
HYMN: MHB-745 ALL PRAISE to our redeeming Lord,
MEMORY VERSE: Romans 15:1. “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.”
The word “bear” means “to support, tolerate or to carry.” The idea here is that we should give room for others’ weaknesses or infirmities. We should recognize that no one is perfect and that while we still strive for perfection, we accept each other’s failures. Too often we look for perfection when we need to accept people as they are.
Maybe you have visited churches that do not tolerate imperfection. These churches are quick to judge. They have rigid guidelines for beliefs and practices. They are quick to discipline when they perceive that things are not as they should be, and encouragement is very rare. The result is often a discouraged body of believers. The same is true in our family relationships.
If we are always finding faults with our wives or children, we will soon break their spirit and discourage them. They may even give up trying because they think that they can never reach the standard of perfection we are pushing them to attain. Instead of judging these imperfections, Paul told us that we are to bear with them, encourage them to improve, and move away from imperfection.
Paul stressed that to foster unity in the body of Christ, we have to stop seeking to please ourselves alone. Instead, we must commit ourselves to please one another. How easy is it to live with only our own interests in mind, to think only of ourselves? Contrary to this natural inclination, Paul called us to follow the example of our Lord Jesus who willingly sacrificed His own interest for the interests of our fellow believers. The gifts God has given us are to be used for blessing the entire body and not for ourselves alone.
PRAYER: God, grant me the grace and patience to bear the weaknesses of others in Jesus’ name.

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