THEME: Avoid Spiritual Complacency
PASSAGE: Revelations 3:14-22
HYMN: MHB 649- THERE is a land of pure delight,
MEMORY VERSE: Revelation 3:19 “As many as I Love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore, be zealous and repent.”
Laodicea was the last and worst of the seven churches of Asia xrayed by Jesus. The church of Laodicea had become an indifferent and lazy group of Christians, who had lost their zeal for good works and evangelism of their area (Rom 12:11). Laodicea was a banking centre. There were possibly several people in the church who were wealthy, and they trusted in their riches for security. However, their financial affluence had made them spiritually complacent and void of spirituality and commitment to Jesus.
They had, perhaps, become complacent or lukewarm because they trusted in their money without personal involvement in good works. Their trust in their riches had turned them from trusting in God. The rich have the tendency to hire out work for the Lord to be done by someone else. Here Jesus says that they must become directly involved in bringing forth fruit worthy of repentance (Eph. 2:10). The Lord revealed the spiritual state of the church of Laodicea to them in three main areas:
Their spiritual poverty,
Their spiritual blindness
Their spiritual nakedness.
For each of these areas, there is a solution from God (v. 18). Therefore, only God can supply real spiritual treasures (gold), righteousness (white garment), and spiritual healing for their eyes. God’s discipline is out of love and for correction (v. 19). It may be difficult for someone to hear Christ knocking on the door of one’s heart if the person is living a life of self-satisfaction, luxury and complacency. When men leave Jesus, He is always there seeking an opportunity from the one who will voluntarily open his heart for Him to enter. Will you?
PRAYER: I pray Thee, Lord, strengthen and grant me the grace to be prepared for Thee at all times so that I may not be found wanting at Thy second coming. Amen.

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