THEME: The Greatest Disciple
PASSAGE: Luke 9:46–50
HYMN: MHB 571-BLESSED are the pure in heart
MEMORY VERSE: Luke 9:48 “… Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receives Me; and whosoever receives Me receives Him that sent Me; for he that is least among you, all the same, shall be great.”
Jesus Christ quickly and rightly observed the ambition of His disciples, which, if not tamed early, might hinder His ministry. The Apostles’ desperation for leadership positions became issues of urgent attention. The Master was at hand to douse the tension by proffering the platform on which lies the prerequisites of all those eyeing to be the boss.
Suffice it to say that Christ rebuked His disciples for disputing among themselves, who should be the greatest (verses 46 – 48). Basically, the ambition of honour and superiority were the sins that most easily beset the disciples of our Lord Jesus and for which they deserve to be rebuked.
We do experience this too in our churches, fellowships and societies today. They expect to be great in this world are exposed to a lot of temptations and troubles. Jesus Christ is perfectly acquainted with the thought and intents of our hearts. He perceived the thoughts of His disciples, too (vs 47). God sees your motives for all that you do. However, Christ will have His disciples to aim at that honour, which is to be obtained by a quiet and condescending humility. Hence He took a child and set him before them.
A child is humble and quiet. He/ she is blameless, pure in heart and harbours no grudge. In like manner, Christ wants us to be like children who do not bear malice against their rivals and competitors.
Do you want to serve or to be boss, giving orders and oppressing those under your care? Jesus demonstrated the type of service He wants us to do when He washed His disciple’s feet. Humility is the way to greatness.
PRAYER: God, grant me the grace to stoop down and serve others as You did.

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