THEME: Be A Responsible Spouse
PASSAGE: 1 Corinthians 7:1–5
HYMN: MHB 775 – THE voice that breathed over Eden
MEMORY VERSE: 1 Corinthians 7:3 “Let the husband render to the wife due to benevolence (goodwill kindness) and likewise also the wife unto the husband.”
God is the architect of the marriage institution. Apostle Paul in this text answers some questions proposed to him by the Corinthians about marriage. He told them that marriage was appointed as a remedy against fornication and therefore people should better marry than falling into the sin of fornication and adultery. Apostle Paul admonished those who are married to continue together in love.
In order to avoid fornication and all sorts of lust, let every man have his own wife, and every woman her own husband. And when they are married, let each render to the other due benevolence (vs 3), considering the disposition and exigency of each other. Sexual union is permitted in marriage.
Basically, God expects a husband and his wife to be responsible for living morally-sound lives at all times. Sexual immorality is a grievous sin which should not be mentioned among believers. Couples should drink water from their own cisterns and should be wise to adhere to Pauline injunction in 1Cor. 7:5.
Do not deprive, starve or punish your partner by denying him/her sex; doing so is sinful. Beware, the devil is waiting and watching for any crack on the wall of your marital union, so that he will capitalize on it to introduce that strange man or woman. It shall not be your portion in Jesus’ name. Be a responsible spouse any day, any time.
Where there’s a challenge of inability to perform your conjugal role to your spouse, do not hesitate or shy from seeking counsel from a matured/trusted counsellor or seek medical attention. There are both spiritual, psychological and medical remedies.
Many of our national problems grew from broken homes, where children are left on their own without being catered for. Let your home be peaceful. Settle every misunderstanding amicably. Understand each other and train the children in the way of the Lord. Pray together, too.
PRAYER: O Lord, grant me the grace to remember always that marriage is honourable and the marital bed should be undefiled

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