THEME: Encourage Others
PASSAGE: Isaiah 35: 1-8
HYMN: MHB 328 – COME unto Me, ye weary.
MEMORY VERSE: Isaiah 35:4 “Strengthen ye the weak hands and confirm the feeble knees.”
Chapter 34 of the book of Isaiah talks about the furry of God against any erring individual and group of people. However, in chapter 35, we can see the words of encouragement from the same God who had just displayed his anger in the previous chapter. The carefully chosen words are motivating, captivating and appealing. For the sake of clarity, carefully, meditatively and prayerfully key into the following and say a big ‘Amen’ to each of them.
-Your desert and the parched land will be glad again;
-Your wilderness will rejoice and blossom again;
-There shall be shouts of joy on your desert land;
The glory of Nigeria will shine again and everyone will reap bountifully;
Your feeble hands, ideas, thoughts and creativity shall be strengthened;
God will allay all your fears;
God will come with vengeance upon your enemies;
God will save you from every evil hovering in the horizon;
Your eyes shall be opened to every hidden treasure around you;
You will no longer be at the mercy of circumstances;
Your scattered glory and success will come back to you;
Your tongue will shout for joy and people will rejoice with you;
Water will gush forth in your wilderness;
There shall be an abundance of streams for you where it is least expected; Amen and Amen.
These are the promises of God for those who repent from their evil ways and key into His divine provision of salvation in Christ Jesus. Brethren, you will be encouraged by these beautiful pronouncements. Also, be involved in encouraging others as you step out this morning. Go out, spread out your net for an unprecedented catch and come back with a resounding success as you walk in the highway of holiness today.
PRAYER: God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, I refuse to be discouraged by whatsoever happens to me. I pray for Your combined strength and ability in all I intend to do today and henceforth in Jesus’ name.

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