THEME: Trial Of Faith
PASSAGE: James 1:2-16
HYMN: MHB 527 – SOMETIMES a light surprises
MEMORY VERSE: James 1:3,4 ”… The trying of your faith worketh patience but let patience have her perfect work that ye may be perfect, wanting nothing.”
The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defines trial as “experience that causes difficulty or difficulties for a person.” There is no champion who is not challenged; it is overcoming the challenge that makes one a champion. As Christians, we are bound to face trials (James 1:2-4). When we face trials, there is a need for us to endure so as to possess the reward (James 1:12).
If you call yourself a Christian, then your faith must be tried, because it is when your faith is tried and you overcome the trial that you will receive the promised crown (James 1:12).
There are many examples of people whose faith were tried and they never disappointed God:
-Abraham believed God and in the scriptures, his wife, Sarah, was blessed with Isaac. (Gen. 18: 1-19).
-Hannah tarried with God in prayer until she conceived and gave birth to Samuel (1 Sam 1: 1-28).
-Job lost everything he had except his life, and his wife in his trial. He remained steadfast in his faith and the Lord restored his losses, adding many years to his life (Job 42:10-16).
-The great Prophet Elijah was threatened by Queen Jezebel after he killed the prophets of Baal, but God empowered him to pronounce doom on King Ahab and his wife (1 Kings 21: 17 ff). Consequently, they suffered, died shameful deaths and Elijah was taken to heaven.
-The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5: 25-34) had a serious trial for 12years, but her problem came to an abrupt end the day she met Christ.
Beloved, first trust God to see you through your period of trial of faith and you will never be disappointed. No matter how many your afflictions are, the Lord is able to deliver you as long as you trust Him (Psalm 34:9).
PRAYER: Dear Lord, grant me the grace not to depart from You in the midst of my trials. Amen.

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