THEME: No Trial, No Glory
PASSAGE: Job 23:1-10
HYMN: MHB 489 – WORKMAN of God! O lose not heart.
MEMORY VERSE: Job 23:10 ”But God knows my way and when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”
A trial is a test of faith which God normally brings toward the way of His children in order to elevate them (James 1: 12). A trial can also come to test one’s faith in God. When such trials come, we are to bear them with heroic fortitude.
In all the trials of Job, he never sinned against God, even when his wife tried to persuade him to curse God and die. Job in affirmation of his faith told both his wife and friends that he knew he was being tried, though he knew not why he was being tried. Though his friends accused him of suffering from his misdeeds, he was sure that it was not the case. He believed that his trial was to make him come out as a refined gold (Job 23:10).
No true child of God is free from trial, because the trial is God’s only medium of lifting His children to glory. Even our Lord Jesus Christ went through trials which led to His crucifixion. He resurrected and today He is alive evermore and has been elevated to glory (Philippians 2:5-11).
Beloved, let us ask God to grant us the enablement to go through our trials. Beyond every trial is an accompanying glory (James 1:12). Remember that for every trial, God brings sufficient grace to give you in order to overcome it and walk into your glory.
Note that every Christian is ordained to face trial because Satan, the devil, is always after them on a daily basis. Apostle Paul endured many trials in his apostolic work. He was scourged, beaten with a rod, stoned, shipwrecked, attacked, imprisoned, several times without food but endured all. He persevered all to gain eternal glory and to win people to Christ!
All you need to do is to be of good cheer because Jesus is there for you if you don’t deny Him.
PRAYER: Dear Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to persevere in the midst of trials in order to receive eternal glory. Amen.

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