THEME: God Never Fails 1
PASSAGE: Joshua 23:1-16
HYMN: MHB 498 -ROCK of Ages, cleft for me
MEMORY VERSE: Joshua 21:45 “Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the house of Israel failed, every one was fulfilled.”
Joshua, in his farewell speech to the leaders of Israel, summed up the most vital teaching given by both himself and Moses. God had kept His part of the covenant. He had given Canaan into Israel’s hands. Now, if the Israelites were to remain secure in the land, they had to fulfil their part of the covenant, which was to love and obey the Lord. The faithfulness of the Israelites to God had been the key to their successful conquest of Canaan and it would also be the key to their taking possession of the area still not under their control. They must fear and obey God in order to enjoy the support of the Lord who never fails.
God raised up Israel to be a missionary nation, to give testimony to the world that their God is loving and merciful and is ready to bless anyone who turns to Him (Gen. 12:3, Rom. 10:11-13). Joshua, on the other hand, reminded the people of Israel that God could as well turn His back to them if they violated His covenant by serving other gods (verses 15-16).
Therefore, beloved in Christ, God is too faithful to fail. He keeps His promises, from one generation to another. His Words are YES and AMEN and forever settled in heaven. Heaven and Earth may pass away but no dot of the Word of God goes unfulfilled. If we must enjoy God’s faithfulness in our lives, families, ministries, businesses etc, we must do these three things below;
Obey God’s words (Joshua 23:6).
Separate ourselves from ungodly influence (Joshua 23:7).
Give ourselves to God in love, by loving Him with our whole being (Joshua 23:11).
God’s faithfulness is eternal; He cannot disappoint or fail at any time. Hold onto Him and you will not be disappointed.
PRAYER: Thank You, O Lord, for Your faithfulness from generation to generation. Help me, to truthfully obey Your commandment in order to enjoy Your unfailing love in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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