How we see the world matters but the truth still remains that we live in a mostly negative world. It is very easy to see things that are wrong in the world. They say bad news sells faster than good news but maybe bad news is the real news. We don’t have to look far to find someone without hope or we don’t have to look far to seek out things to be discouraged about.

Sophia woke up late that morning after working late into the night, then quickly got ready for work and set out to get a bus. She had to wait a while in the bus for it to get filled and when it did, the bus just wouldn’t start. The driver tried all he could to no avail. Ranting and shouting at the driver for not checking his car properly before calling for passengers, everyone leaves the bus for the next one. To beat time, Sophia decides to enter a cab instead.

She quickly joined the first available cab and was soon squeezed in between two plus size ladies; one of which had a strong body odour. By the time she got to work, delayed by traffic, her dress was rumpled, she was tired and smelled different from the perfume she put on that morning. All that didn’t matter, she had worked so hard on her report and needed to do a mock presentation before the prospective clients arrived. Her boss was counting on her and she wasn’t about to disappoint her. She checked her watch and realized that the meeting with the clients was to begin in 15 minutes; she was an hour late. She was confident her boss would only have to glance through the proposal before joining the meeting. She had been very thorough and the proposal was simply perfect. “Where have you been and why aren’t you taking your calls?” Her boss was not in the mood to hear an explanation; “let me have the proposal” she quickly added.  Sophia reached into her bag and suddenly realized she had left the proposal at home as she rushed out that morning. She usually left her laptop at home since she had one to work with at the office. This was supposed to be her big day but so far it has been a nightmare. Who knows? Maybe her village people had remembered her for bad.

My friends, some days can be really good, others bad or simply ordinary. However, some days are difficult to describe with words.

How you take control of your emotions and handle the day matters and will determine how the end all plays out. There are very many different versions of Sophia’s experience. You may have experienced something more devastating at the start of a day or even a season in your life but how you manage such experiences make you a winner or not. My guess is we all want to win in the end.

Attitude is everything, for better or for worse. The way you perceive and explain the world has a powerful effect on the results you obtain. A negative attitude is almost a guarantee that life will be more difficult and less fulfilling than it should be. 

God sees everything that goes on here on earth. He knows the people we live with, work with, the people we have to submit to on our job or who our leaders are. Still, His commandment to us is….. In all things GIVE THANKS! Sounds crazy right?

That is a simple truth because even if Sophia vents out her anger it only makes her feel worse but why not switch to a thankful mode which will even help your body system and give you a solution even in the midst of the chaos.  Rejoice in your circumstances and God wants us to STAY POSITIVE REGARDLESS!

Why may you ask? We are His Children and He is in control.

The Bible says in Prov 18 v 21 that ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it.’ there will always be mountains or giants on our life’s journey but because Christ has already overcome us we have the power to speak to the mountain or giant and they are gone if not immediately keep declaring your victory over it. Sooner or later, they will bulge. The higher we go, the tougher it gets so be prepared.

Quit murmuring and complaining about our mountain. Stop focusing on the mountain and focus on GOD and his power to move mountains. God loves us and has plans, purpose and destiny for our lives. God is in control and is rest assured that He has your best interest at heart. When your day is going all shades of bad, don’t feel gloom or down, wear a smile and remember that as a child of God, the Joy of the Lord is your strength. You are in charge of your life and your day, not the situation or circumstance. 

With all these at our disposal as Children of God, why do we often speak so negatively?

First of all, we all fall onto this trap at times. It is our human nature to spout off about our problems. It is just plain easy to fall into the whining trap. It is our human nature and default. Sometimes we want people to see our struggle and respect us for going on despite our circumstances or sometimes we are so accustomed to complaining, we don’t even realize we are doing it, it becomes automatic.

Quit complaining and kill every form of it from your life. Words carry power for death and life are in the power of the tongue. Complaining and anger destroy joy! It can spread to everyone around you so beware and STAY POSITIVE!

When we complain and whine, it is like we are saying God is not powerful enough. A person who complains and whines is not thankful enough. Thankful people are too busy being grateful for the things they have and don’t have time to notice the things they could complain about.

In a world of so much negativity, as the Light of the World, we must shine bright. We must choose to overcome the negative atmosphere with GOOD. Overcome by speaking POSITIVELY and STAYING POSITIVE! Keep thanking and praising and it has a way of affecting our whole system making us still feel good inside regardless of negative situations and we even have the strength to keep moving and living.

Phil 4 v 6-7 says ‘Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ. 

God flows through people and if you get discouraged or dismayed, you stop the flow of God’s power. Keep standing on God’s word and His promises and rejoice evermore. Don’t give up. It will take a deliberate effort but it is crucial to stay positive.

The enemy will use the evil and negative things of this world to discourage you even if they are not personal problems. Isaiah 26 v 3 says that The Lord will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed upon Him because he trusts in Him. It is normal to be discouraged and it is abnormal to be strong and of good courage, but it is certainly doable. God’s word is a sure guide to instruct us on how to stay happy and positive in the midst of chaos.

Being thankful shows maturity. It demonstrates that we are spiritually mature enough to handle any type of promotion or increase. So as you begin your day, speak into it and no matter the consequence choose to stay POSITIVE.  

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Phil 4 v 8.

Complaining and worrying only makes you sick, bitter and frustrated but a thankful heart gives you peace and a clear head. Negativism is like an epidemic, once the words are spoken, they are almost impossible to contain.

Choose to find the gems of positive truth among the things that tear you apart. Both are present in our lives. What you choose to see is a matter of faith and perspective. Reprogram your life so you can see the positive signs of God moving all around you.

Now that we are all fired up with positive thinking, confessions and a grateful heart, it’s time to take actions that will change the narrative. A positive attitude prepares you for positive actions that will produce positive results. What happened has happened. While you can’t change the past you can create your future. With no anxiety and frustration, your head is clear and ready for some critical thinking? Ask: what can I do differently? Who can be of help? What resources do I have? How much time is needed? Ask questions that will challenge the situation and seek answers that will provide solutions either long term or even instantly. Remember God gives wisdom to those who ask him. Maybe the worst just happened, now it’s time to make the best out of it. 

Well, it took Sophia a few minutes to get to her desk on the second floor. She took her time at the staircase to put herself together. She was almost losing her mind but she was determined not to let that happen. She made her way to the ladies room and whispered a prayer to God. She asked for wisdom to call forth light out of this darkness. By the time she finally got to her table, a query was already on it. The concluding paragraph said something about her losing her job if the client pulled out of the project. All she thought about was how to solve the problem. The meeting with the client was ongoing and would only last an hour. She was sure her boss must have decided to present the original proposal prepared by her colleague; one she had studied and given the company executives enough reasons to discard as it was not very convincing. She had taken upon herself the responsibility of coming up with a better proposal in just two days. One which will capture the new ideas she had come up with while maximizing efficiency and profitability; something this particular client took very seriously.  

She wore her best smile and walked to the conference room determined to make sure the client is not lost at least not as a result of her mistake. Officially, she was not allowed to speak directly with a prospective client but as far as she knew her job was as good as lost. The meeting was on a tea break. She could see her superiors discussing down the hall while the client talked things over with his team. From the look on their faces, they weren’t particularly satisfied. She walked over to the client and introduced herself as one of the project managers and spoke a little about how the company was committed to seeing him grow and expand through this project. She whispered that there was more information that would enable him to make the best decision but somehow she had left the document at home.  After telling a little bit of her experience that morning, she begged the client not to make a decision until the document got to him. The client commended her sincerity and told him to find a way for him to get it within the hour. She stormed home and simply mailed the proposal to her boss from home. She then called her and told her about her discussion with the client. She dropped the call before her boss could respond.

She got a call by 6 am the next morning from her boss. She still had her job and the client had requested she managed the project for them. 

It may not always happen this fast but the result is always the same when we stay positive. Encourage yourself in God’s word and stay cheerful because the spirit of God in you helps you to live and respond to things from inside out. Remember Joy is a fruit of the spirit so you have the capacity to stay JOYFUL and POSITIVE REGARDLESS!

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