THEME: Don’t Revenge
HYMN: MHB 705 – GOD is the refuge of His saints,
MEMORY VERSE: Romans 12: 19. “Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written ‘It is mine to avenge, I will repay’ says, ‘the Lord.”
PASSAGE: 1 Samuel 24:8–22
It is natural to think of revenge at any wrong done to us. But this is against Christian teaching because revenge kills spiritual life; it multiplies evil and may lead to sudden death.
A story was told of a couple. The wife caught her husband cheating on her. Instead of having a dialogue with her husband, she decided to revenge by having extra-marital affairs. The first man she slept with infected her with Sexually Transmitted Disease. The disease led to AIDS. She was also diagnosed with cancer. She spent a lot of family savings on the disease and eventually she died. Before she died, she confessed to her husband the reason for her action. The man she tried to punish lived years after her death. We are not justifying the man’s action which is sinful but we are saying that there are better ways of solving the matter.
Saul sought to kill David because of envy. God did not give David to him to kill; instead, He gave Saul into David’s hands where he had the opportunity to kill him, but he refused to revenge. This action of David made Saul say in verse 17 “Thou art more righteous than I for thou has rewarded me good whereas I have rewarded thee evil.”
Brothers/sisters, the Word of God is against revenge (Rom 12: 19; Deut. 32: 35). Know that the results of revenge are sadness, hatred, frustration, regret, destruction, depression, spiritual death and untimely death. Therefore, do not allow it in your heart. Always let the Word of God rule your heart. Have the spirit of forgiveness and allow God to avenge for you. Saul made 21 attempts on David without success and David had two opportunities to kill Saul but David showed Saul compassion. You, too, can show compassion to your enemy as Jesus admonished us in Matthew 5:44 and the Lord will count it for righteousness for you.
PRAYER: Father, kill the spirit of revenge in families, Church and in our nation in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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