THEME: The Power Of Praise
PASSAGE: 2 Kings 3:9-20
HYMN: MHB -29 ALL things Praise the Lord Most High
MEMORY VERSE: Acts 16:26 “And suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened and everyone bond were unfastened”.
Praise is celebrating God for who He is, thereby involving His intervention in our affairs (II Kings 3:15). In our text today, three Kings – King of Israel, King of Judah and King of Edom- prepared to battle with the Moabite king, Mesha. But on their journey they faced scarcity of water and so far water is life, they could not move forward with their armies. In verse 11, Jehoshaphat remembered the God of Israel who did great works with His Prophet. They sought to Elisha the Prophet. It is certain that God will not come to man’s affairs until man seeks His face. Elisha’s request for a musician did not mean that the power of the Lord had left him, but he needed to invoke the Spirit of God through praises.
Praise gives us quick access to God (Psalm 100:4). Some believers have lost the place of praises in their prayer lives. Even in the Church, Ministers often allocate a few minutes for praises and this has prevented the church from seeing God in action in her worship. During worship and praise, many people have discovered that praises have changed the battered relationship between God and man. In praise our focus shifts from self to God, from problem to solution, from pain to gain (Prov. 27:21). However, we must be conscious to praise Him in the beauty of holiness. We have to offer our lives in acceptable and worthy worship.
If you pray on a situation and it seems nothing has come out of it, check it by praising God. Remember Paul and Silas were delivered from prison at Philippi through praise (Acts 16).
Beloved, never lose hope in that situation even as you enter the last month of this year. Sing a new song to God in praises and see Him fighting your battle and a release of advent blessings into your hands.
PRAYER: Father, help us to always show gratitude for all You have done for us by singing praises to Your Holy name. Amen.

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