MEMORY VERSE: Jeremiah 3:4 “Have you not just now called to Me, my Father, Thou art the friend of my youth.”
HYMN: MHB 157 ( – JESUS calls us! O’er the tumult.
At the time God delivered the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt, He established a covenant with them to be their God and for them to be His people. God was faithful to this covenant but Israel was unfaithful. Israel forsook their God who brought them out of Egypt and worshipped other foreign idols such as Baal. Though Israelites continually called God ‘Father and Friend of their youth’, they were not faithful to Him (Jer. 3 v 4).
Of all the offences of Israel against God, what annoyed God most was forsaking Him to serve gods, hence He said, “As you have forsaken Me and served foreign gods in your land, so you shall serve strangers in a land that is not yours” (Jeremiah 5 v 19). By this, God meant that He was going to raise a nation from afar that would take Israel captive and treat the Israelites as slaves.
Forsaking God gave rise to other social vices such as sexual immorality, social injustice, oppression of the poor and the needy, swearing falsely, bribery and corruption among others. The only duty men owe God is to serve Him in truth and in spirit. God does not like a situation whereby after catering for His people they despise Him and run after false gods.
However, God is merciful; He is not interested in the destruction of people but all He wants is repentance (Jer.3:11-12). Even if the anger of God is kindled against men and He decides to punish them, no matter how grievous the offence is, He is always reaching out to see whether men would repent of their sin and once men show serious sign of repentance, He always forgives, as He forgave the Israelites. God is always slow to anger, full of mercy and compassion.
To return to God is to amend our ways, confess and forsake our sins, and accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour. God is ever ready to forgive and embrace us back to Himself. Try Him today and you will see that He is good.

PRAYER: Lord God, assist me to subdue every sin that prevents me from returning to You as my Lord and Saviour in Jesus’ name. Amen

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