MEMORY VERSE: Psalm 31:23 “Oh, love the LORD, all you his saints! For the LORD preserves the faithful, and fully repays the proud person.”
HYMN: MHB 445 ( THEE will I love, my strength, my tower.
One of the commandments that God gave to the Israelites in the Bible passage we read today is to love Him, their Lord, with all their hearts, souls and might. This is a demand for the total surrender of oneself to God. Selfless love comes from the heart. That was why Jesus Christ said in Matthew 22:37 that the greatest commandment is, “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”.
The heart is the seat of thinking and every action of any living person stems from it. Every true worship and true love comes from the heart. The soul too is the spiritual personality and immaterial or immortal element of every human being. It is the soul that is connected to the supersensible world and will return to our Maker at the end of our sojourn here. That was the reason Jesus’ interest is to save our souls from the kingdom of darkness. The mind is the reasoning part of human personality, while the might is the great strength exercised in doing things.
Therefore, to love God with all your heart is a question of making Him second to none on the reason why you are living. To love Him with all your soul is to set your mind on only the things that He is passionate about. To love Him with all your might is to give everything, leaving nothing behind in your resources, to advance His purpose on earth.
Loving God is more than the word of mouth. It is not a religious statement. It is an oath of allegiance to serving Him and Him alone. If you love God dearly, He will speak to you as a friend, abide with you, and your joy will be a perfect one (John 15:10-11).
PRAYER: May my heart be a room for You to dwell, gracious Lord. Let there be no space in me that You will not occupy. Let me live for You, Lord, to love You evermore. Amen.

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