PASSAGE: JOB 34:10-20
MEMORY VERSE: Job 34:19 “Yet He is not partial to princes, Nor does He regard the rich more than the poor; For they are all the work of His hand.”
HYMN: MHB 671 (10.10.7.) – SING Alleluia forth in duteous praise.
Elihu, one of Job’s friends who came to console him, in our text speaks of the goodness of God. He says among other things that:
– God is not wicked; He cannot commit iniquity;
– He is the Creator who rules the earth; and controls man’s destiny;
– God is the most just and does not respect any human being, low or high;
– All man’s actions are open to God and nothing is hidden from Him;
– No man can see God, no matter how just except God’s Spirit is in him/her;
– God hears the cries of the oppressed and the poor, and
– He destroys the wicked in the presence of others, etc.
All these enlighten us on who the wicked is. In verse 10, Elihu says, “Far be it from God that He should do wickedness”. Verse 11 says, “He repays man according to his work”. Wickedness is cheating or punishing someone who is innocent. God is not such a man but repays everyone according to his or her works in life. So whatever repercussion man gets, whether good or bad, it is in response to his or her deed.
Why are men wicked? To fulfil self-desires in a wrong way. They explore devilish means of achieving their ambitions. On the contrary, God is All-sufficient, All-powerful and All-Knowing. There is nothing in this world that He does not own. The Bible says the earth and everything in it belong to the Lord (Ps. 24:1) He gives to everyone according to the measure of each one’s grace and ability.
Verse 18 asks a question, and I want you to answer by yourself. “Is it fitting to say to a king, You are worthless and to nobles, You are wicked?” It is indeed, a foolish thing to say that of the king or noble because they are believed to be just. Yet, God is the most just of all.
Therefore, turn away from reproachable acts so that God, Who is just, may have mercy and justify you.
PRAYER: Lord, I know that You are a just God. Help me to be just in my dealings, so that I can enjoy Your love, in Jesus’ most gracious name. Amen.

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